Ride the Wind on Our Liveaboards

Imagine yourself gliding across the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, propelled by the wind and feeling the spray on your face. That's the exhilarating experience that awaits you on a kitesurfing liveaboard adventure with us!

Escape the ordinary crowds of traditional kite surfing destinations and enjoy the freedom of riding on vast stretches of the Red Sea's virgin islands.

For one week, we are going to cruise around multiple spots on the search of the perfect spot for kite locations and keeping things exciting.


How Kitesafari works?

  • Embark on your unforgettable kite surfing journey with a pickup from Hurghada International Airport on Saturday where you'll meet on of our representatives and head towards Hurghada Marina, the port of departure. Spend the night on board or explore the vibrant marina walk or discover Hurghada's charm before our sunrise departure.

  • Sunday sunrise, we'll set course for the island with the best wind conditions. An open buffet breakfast will be served while cruising towards our destination so we can hop on the island once we arrive and start our first kite session

  • Our beach boys will be at your service for setting up your gear on & off the island. Also 2 6.5m speed boats with our skilled sailors on the call for any rescue

  • After the first kite surfing session, a sumptuous open buffet lunch with an exquisite blend of international and local cuisine will be served to sample a variety of dishes and discover new flavors

  • Whether you want to chill on the boat, nap, plunge into our jacuuzi or hop again on the island and have your second kite session, all the options are open and at your request

  • End your day on a high note after several hours of mega looping and walking on the water with a gourmet dinner featuring an array of expertly crafted dishes, from succulent meats and fresh seafood to vibrant salads and decadent desserts followed by Arabian party nights onboard or on the island

Islands we are visiting

Discover the breathtaking beauty and world-class kitesurfing spots of the Red Sea's hidden gems. Ashrafi Island, Geisum Island, Abu Monqar are all known for their pristine beaches and consistent winds.

They are a haven for kitesurfers looking to hone their skills or simply enjoy the thrill of the sport. The islands diverse topography provides a unique and exhilarating experience for riders of all levels.

In addition to kite surfing, try your hand at banana boat rides or wake-boarding, perfect for adrenaline junkies.

Don't forget also we are of the top 10 destinations for Scuba Diving, so as the wind calms down, dive into an underwater paradise teeming with vibrant coral reefs and exotic marine life making the most of your time onboard!