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This Safari brings you to the most beautiful wrecks in the red Sea and to the nationalpark Ras Mohammed. You will be able to dive at the wrecks Thistlegorm, Giannis D., Carnatic and Dunraven. 


Diving at the most famous wrecks in the Red Sea:

- Thistlegorm: The British ship was on its way to Egypt when it got bombed by the Germans. Now it´s lying on the sea bottom at 30m depth. There is still a lot of the cargo on this wreck: trucks, motorcycles, railway carriage, tanks and one railway engine.

- Giannis D.: A Greek cargo ship, sunk in 1983. A beautiful wreck and also easy to dive inside because there are many entries and exit points. Maximum depth 27m.

- Carnatic: Sunk in 1969. A steamship which strucked the reef and sunk the next day. The deck has fallen away. This wreck is full with corals, very photogenic. Maximum depth 24m.

- Dunraven: Sail-powered vessel, carrying timber and spices sunk in 1876 on its way from Bombay. It´s broken in 2 pieces and lies upside down at a depth of 28m. The bow is in 18m.

- Marine Park Ras Mohammed: Amazing reefs, for example Jolanda and Shark reef. Both are great drops off with a good possibility to see sharks.

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