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Brother Wyspa/Daedalus/Elphinstone. Tak samo jak "Brother Wyspa i Elphinstone", ale jeszcze więcej pięknych miejsc na Dedalus.


- Brother Islands: The Big Brother and the Little Brother are 140km far away from the cost. The walls of Little Bother are covered with anemones, sponges and all kinds and colors of soft corals. The possibility of seeing sharks is not unusual. Sometimes you can see thresher sharks, silvertip and whitetip reef sharks grey sharks and hammerhead sharks. On the Big Brother, in the middle of the island, is a lighthouse. There are also 2 wrecks there: "Numibia" and "Aida". “Numibia” sunk 100 years ago, she lies between 10 and 80m depth covered with hard and soft corals. The "Aida" sunk 1957, she lies at the depth between 30 and 60m. At the Brothers you may face strong currents so it makes sense to be an experienced diver to dive there


- Daedalus Reef: 180km south of the Brother Islands is this amazing reef. It is surrounded by a sheer wall and the south plateau goes from 30m to 40m. Sometimes when the conditions are good it makes sense to drift from the north along the drop off to the south. You will love it!!


- Elphinstone: One of the most beautiful reefs in the south Red Sea with a north and a south plateau and an amazing drop off with black and soft corals and gorgonias and a great possibility to see big sharks. When the weather conditions are good it makes sense to drift from north to south. Absolutely beautiful!!

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