Elphinstone/Zabargad/Rocky Island/St. John´s - Wybór najlepszych miejsc do nurkowania w południowej części Morza Czerwonego


- Elphinstone: One of the most beautiful reefs in the south Red Sea with a north and a south plateau and an amazing drop off with black and soft corals and gorgonias and a great possibility to see big sharks. When the weather conditions are good it makes sense to drift from north to south. Absolutely beautiful!!


- Zabargad: Here you will see all....drop offs, coral gardens, walls and on the north side there is a nameless wreck at the depth of 26m


- Rocky Island: This dive site is a dream for every diver!! Steps going down slowly to the deep blue, walls and drops offs are covered with all kind of soft and hard corals as well as gorgonias, black coral trees, sponges and fans. It seems like all kind of fish live in this amazing place and mostly you will see white and black tip reef sharks as well as grey reef sharks. Most of the time when you just look in the blue you can see manta rays, dolphins and sometimes sailfish.


- St. John´s: This reef group is quite virginal because of the long distance. One of the walls is overgrown with big gorgonias, others are overgrown with all kind of colourful soft corals and with a bit luck you can see hammerhead sharks and other big fish like barracudas and tunas in the blue.